Bankside Cuisine | Chilli Eggs & Chorizo

If you like a bit of a kick to your food then this is going to be right up your street! If not, then don’t worry as you can remove or reduce the amount of chilli that you use and also not add the sauce at the end. It’s quite a filling dish so should feed two, and makes the perfect start to the day if you choose to have it for breakfast. Enjoy…

Serves: One-Two
Difficulty Rating: 4/10
You'll need: RidgeMonkey Connect Sandwish Toaster XL and Quad Stove (single head)

• 50g diced chorizo
• 3 large eggs
• 1 fresh chilli, heat depending on your favourite type. Sliced
• ½ tin black beans
• Homemade croutons
• 50g diced strong cheese
• 1tbsp chopped parsley
• Frank’s Hot Sauce

Home prep:
• Grate the cheese and bag it up
• Drain the black beans and add to a ziploc bag
• Slice the chilli and store in a ziploc bag
• Chop the cheese and the parsley and then store similarly
• Dice some stale bread to make thick croutons by coating them in a small amount of oil, salt and pepper before baking until crisp. Allow to cool and store in a ziploc bag


1. The key to my cooking is having the ingredients prepped and stored, ready to use.

2. Into some hot oil, carefully add the chopped chorizo and begin to brown it off.