Bite Alarms & Indicators

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Alarms that take some beating where cost and functions are concerned.

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Set to become a firm favourite among the carp and specimen anglers here and woldwide.

Total Carp Staff  |  Mar 02, 2020  |  First Published: Mar 04, 2020  |  0 comments
We take a look at the must-have all-singing, all-dancing NiteLite indication set from Delkim.
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With more features than you can shake a stick at, the Gizmo Bite Alarm sets from Sonik can't help but impress any carp angler.
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Sleek and stylish, this little alarm is a real head turner.
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Prologic’s popular SMX alarms get the Custom Black treatment – the result is stunning.
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£ Various Bite indication should be at the forefront of any angler’s fishing. The Nash Slap Head bobbins are designed to suit most angling situations, whether it’s fishing at range or close margin work. Using an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism, the Slap Heads keep your main line securely in place. The heads are available in an Old Skool White or Cult Black with five isotope colours available and weights ranging from 6g to 40g.
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I have been using the Delkim Ev Plus alarms for years and have to say that they have stood the test of time.

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Sonik really has thought outside the box when it comes to the new range of bite alarms. The new state-of-the-art SKSs are compact, lightweight and packed with all the latest technology. The sleek and compact shape is 100 per cent waterproof and has a matt black, soft-touch paint for an understated look and durable finish. Utilising a roller wheel sensor system these are as reliable as you can find and each head can be tailored by adjusting tone, sensitivity and volume.
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Classic design slimline bobbins that are perfectly adapted for fishing close to medium ranges where delicate line indication is key. Weighing in at between 3g to 4g they are, as the name suggests, light. There are seven colours in the vast range so you will find the perfect complementary bobbin for your setup. Each bobbin is supplied with a black Clinga Ball Chain and Black Clinga Link for an easy to fit and understated product that does exactly what it says on the tin.
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As anglers, we spend so much money on our electronic bite indication setups, shouldn’t we invest in looking after them? These are the perfect items to keep your alarms and receiver protected from the strenuous rigours of carp angling. Utilising a British DPM pattern on a hard-wearing, waterproof padded material, these are a universal fit comfortably housing other popular alarms, such as Nevilles and Delkim TXis. Offering superior value for money, you should be buying a set soon! £9. 99 & £14.
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THE TACKLE BOX’S LEE JACKSON SAYS: This set comprises three very attractive and fairly compact remote alarms that have roller wheel sensing, adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity settings, drop-back LED and tone indication and low battery detection alert. Plus there’s a receiver that also has volume, tone and sensitivity controls and low battery detection alert, plus a courtesy light and memory function that has three alarm mode options. This state-of-the-art set comes in a hard plastic presentation case and includes a free remote LED bivvy light that has six adjustable brightness levels, adjustable delay, and once paired with the receiver mimics the LED colour of the alarm that is sounding. Each alarm is powered by two AAA batteries, the receiver a PP3 9V battery and the bivvy light three AAs, none of which are supplied.
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Bite indication is one element of carp fishing that is crucial to your success and, although many of us probably won’t admit to it, we like to look good in the process.

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Having been out for more than a year, we thought we would revisit these feature-packed and technologically advanced bite alarms. Making a name by utilising Bluetooth technology, each bite alarm head can seamlessly be paired to your mobile smartphone device or tablet, keeping you at the forefront of indication. Do not fear if you feel these alarms may be a little too advanced for you and, like me, you would rather turn your phone off and fish in a more traditional manner. Each presentation case comes complete with a small receiver that offers a range of features, including individual lights, the ability to change tone and volume from the comfort of your own bivvy while also carrying out range tests.
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With all the features that UK carp anglers have come to expect in the form of tone, volume and sensitivity adjustment, the SNZs are impressive bite alarms for the money. With neat features such as the night-light function, they can be bought singally or as a set with a receiver. They come supplied with plastic covers that keep the alarms protected in transit. The receiver has a built-in courtesy light that can be turned on and off manually.