Total Carp Staff

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Beauty and performance in the palm of your hand - a real highlight from the Crosscast line-up!
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Versatile and compact landing nets, with carpy camou mesh!
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A historic and well regarded park lake situated in the southeast region of London. Constructed in 1982, Burgess Park soon became a haven for wildlife and fishing began in 1985.
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While fishing conditions have been hard at times, with floods and a big freeze-up, we were never going to let that beat us and as such February’s Total Carp is another fantastic issue full of informative and inspirational content.
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A set of mainlines used by the best for the toughest conditions faced!
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MATT TOWNEND’S VERDICT: “A blinding piece of kit that keeps on giving when it comes to casting Spombs at long range!”
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Capitalise on the power of naturals, which the carp just can't get enough of!
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Take to the pits with the right tool for the job and see this new Penn release exceed your expectations!
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Consider this absolute beast of a rod if you are looking to up your baiting game!
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This really is the essential piece of kit for the angler who owns several New Direction smart link devices!