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Total Carp Staff  |  Dec 06, 2022  |  0 comments
Adapt to the situation and enhance you bite indication!
Total Carp Staff  |  Nov 23, 2022  |  0 comments
Top quality jackets to keep you warm and dry as we enter into the colder months of the year!
Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 25, 2022  |  0 comments
Another home run for Sonik with its latest indicators and a versatile rod setup solution!
Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 10, 2022  |  0 comments
Stay in control of the largest carp on the planet with this revelation of a big pit reel!
Joe Palethorpe  |  Sep 16, 2022  |  0 comments
Sleek, stylish and a cheap price point, the perfect mini big pit reel?
Total Carp Staff  |  Dec 27, 2021  |  First Published: Dec 23, 2021  |  0 comments

Light, compact and designed for life on the move!

Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 06, 2021  |  0 comments

With minimum footprint and maximum space, the AXS Bivvy is now available in camo!

Total Carp Staff  |  Sep 14, 2021  |  0 comments

A high-tech monifilament main line designed for the dedicated carp angler at an affordable price.

Total Carp Staff  |  Jul 22, 2021  |  0 comments

Feast your eyes on the new high performance rods from Sonik, designed by Frank Warwick!

Total Carp Staff  |  May 16, 2021  |  0 comments

Sonik's new and improved VaderX rods are not only affordable with updated features but have a touch of classic style too!

Total Carp Staff  |  Mar 20, 2021  |  0 comments

Do not endure but enjoy time on the bank, spent in comfort with a new seating option from Sonik.

Total Carp Staff  |  Dec 04, 2020  |  0 comments
Carp domination is certainly on the cards with these wands.
Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 12, 2020  |  0 comments

There's a lot to be said for a good night's sleep – You feel rejuvenated, fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead!

Total Carp Staff  |  Jul 09, 2020  |  0 comments

Folding wooden handles, check; slow oscillation, check; quick drag system, check – we like this and so will you!

Total Carp Staff  |  Apr 16, 2020  |  0 comments
SONIK's new AXS range of shelters provide a welcome range of features at a welcome price point. If you're in the market for a new shelter, these are well worth a look!