Summer is here and oils are an outstanding additive to add to all types of freebies, hook baits and spod mixes. With the water temperatures on the up the dispersion and attraction from oils is a great carp attractor.

Bait-Tech needs no introduction as to what it is about and the huge success it has had with its bait and liquids, and as always it likes to ensure a wide range of products are available for all types of angling requirements. SIX oils are available in the range, yes six! They are Hot Chilli, Super Fish, Nutty, Hemp, Polony and Krill & Tuna.

Now whatever your usual go-to bait or flavours, we’re more than confident you can agree there are at least a couple of these oils you would happily use in your approach – and we don’t blame you.

The quality of these oils ensures they are PVA friendly and add immense attraction in all layers of the water column. Available in 500ml bottles you have plenty to add to a number of different methods for one or more sessions. The oils consist of natural ingredients and are infused with Bait-Tech’s very own spice blends, essential oils and secret fish blends.

Another reason top anglers use oils within their baits are that it can give you a telltale ‘slick’ over your spot when your bait has aroused some interest, just an amazing edge that all anglers should certainly look at. If you haven’t yet tried using oils and are waiting for a sign – this is it! Get on the oils!