KODEX | Zig Beasts Kits (Video)

Despite zig rigs being ever so effective you still see very few people using them throughout the course of a season – it’s often a last resort. The truth is, carp spend most of their time off the bottom, so is it logical to spend so much time fishing on the deck waiting for the fish to drop down and feed? With zig rigs you are constantly searching the layers for carp and are therefore made to be more proactive in your approach. Kodex Tackle has thought carefully about zig fishing and has developed its new Zig Beasts to make your zigging quicker and more efficient.

The Zig Beasts work around a removable hair stem on to which various hook bait options can be attached– it makes the whole chore of tying perfect zigs a breeze.

First, tie your hook on to the zig line using a strong knot such as a palomar or grinner knot. The hair stem is then slotted on to the line and simply pushed on to the hook eye, immediately creating the perfect angle between you hook link, hook and bait. Your choice of buoyant foam barrel and topper are then slid down the hair stem and locked in place with a twist. It really couldn’t be any easier!

The Zig Beast Kit Packs are available in barbless and micro-barbed options with size 10 Genomic wide gape hooks, which are super-sharp. Each kit contains eight hair stems, eight buoyant barrels in black, red, white and yellow and eight of the various shaped toppers will help replicate bugs and insects that regularly find themselves in the water layers.

Be sure to try different colour combinations of barrels and toppers to see what works best on the day – it’s amazing how much of a difference a change of colour can often make! Thankfully, changing the colours of the barrels and shapes of the toppers takes just seconds thanks to the quick change nature of the Zig Beasts, meaning that making a change doesn’t require you to remake a whole new zig as it might when using conventional zig aligners and foam. It really is zig rigs made easy!

RRP: £7.99
WEBSITE: www.kodextackle.com

To find out more about new Zig Beasts from Kodex Tackle, watch the video below.