CARP SPIRIT | Razor Point Hooks

What separates a decent quality hook from the next is dependent on numerous factors, including sharpness, strength and quality of materials used. With so many hooks to choose from it can be a minefield to determine which is best suited for your own angling, but the Razor Point Hooks from Carp Spirit certainly do take some beating. The Razor Points have proved their worth since their release and are now considered some of the best available on the market!

There are eight choices of hook in the Razor Point range, now sold in the standard plastic wallets containing 10 hooks, available in a range of sizes and with barbed/barbless options. The decision was made to do away with the bulky plastic boxes to minimise unnecessary waste. We can certainly get behind any movement to help the environment and it takes up less space in the tackle bag!

One of the most popular patterns of hook in the range is the Boilie Beak Point, utilising a relatively wide gape and in-turned point. While these hooks can be used for both bottom bait and pop-up presentations effectively it is when fishing on the deck where they excel. Fishing over hard gravel can be testing for many patterns and it is not only when retrieving the hook when damage can occur but also when fish are feeding on a baited area, moving the rig around. The Boilie Beak Points are available in sizes 1 to 10 in the barbed version and sizes 6, 8 and 10 in barbless.

Fishing in Europe can be a total contrast to much of the angling that takes place in the UK; the fish grow much larger and the venues can be large, wild and unforgiving. The demanding circumstances therefore call for a heavy-duty hook and the Continental XS is just the ticket. Despite the thick wire gauge used to construct the pattern, the long point is razor sharp and works well fishing on a multitude of bottoms with a variety of presentations. The Continental XS is only available in a barbed option in sizes 1 to 8.

The popularity of longshank hooks in Britain has been declining in recent years but for no good reason other than fashion, as this wonderfully effective pattern of hook has been responsible for catching some of the biggest carp of all time. The aptly named Long Shank from Carp Spirit works flawlessly with bottom baits, pop-ups and wafters, especially when used with a sliding ring setup and aggressive kicker making it a super-effective rig. The use of small baits with this pattern takes some beating for tripping up wary carp. Hook sizes from 1 to 10 are available in barbed and 6, 8 and 10 in barbless.

A different hook pattern from the norm is the Medium Curve Shank, its long sweeping curve makes for an extremely aggressive hooker without the need to use any form of kicker or shrink tubing. Combined with an eye that is also downturned, tensioning any hook link will help the hook to flip efficiently. In use the Medium Curve Shank has proven to be very effective when used with many of the modern pop-up rigs, working particularly well on a Ronnie. This pattern of hook is available in sizes 1 to 10 in a barbed option only.

Another popular hook in the range is the Short Curve Shank, a pattern that performs incredibly for any approach. Being a short hook with a relatively wide gape hook-pulls are a very rare occurrence and the needle sharp point converts pick-ups to hooked fish on a regular basis. Whereas this pattern of hook is commonly sold by several competing brands, what makes Carp Spirit’s pattern unique is the straight eye following the curvature of the shank, therefore aiding flexibility. The Short Curve Shank can be purchased in sizes 1 to 10 in barbed and sizes 6, 8 and 10 in barbless.

Chod rigs and hinge stiff rigs are two well-used setups, both of which have proven to be excellent at presenting baits on a multitude of bottoms. What is important when using thick hook links is the need for a hook with an outurned eye and the Stiff Rig/Chod hook has just that. As an effective pop-up hook, the long straight needle point will sit waiting to grab hold until a passing fish decides to investigate. The Stiff Rig/Chod hook is only available in a barbed version in sizes 2 to 8.

Floater fishing and zig fishing are two methods that require a high performance hook when using light hook links and Carp Spirit’s dedicated pattern is a joy to use. The Zig & Floater hook uses a very short shank that sits well underneath a floating hook bait proving to be more inconspicuous than other hooks in the range. With a very slight outurned eye, monofilament lines exit the eye beautifully. The Zig & Floater hooks are available in both barbed and barbless with barbed sizes ranging from 8, 10 and 12 and barbless in 8 and 10.

A brand new addition to the proven Razor Point hook range. The V-curves combine an angular-V design, combined with a short curved shank. The hooks feature an extra heavy-gauge wire and a super-sharp beaked point. These hooks are incredibly sharp straight out of the packet – something that the Razor Point hooks are renowned for! The V-curves are a great heavy duty hook option which can be used on a variety of rigs including bottom baits and even Ronnie rigs. Available in barbed and barbless, sizes 10 to 4.

RRP: £4.59