Sonik Sks Alarm And Receiver Set

THE TACKLE BOX’S LEE JACKSON SAYS: This set comprises three very attractive and fairly compact remote alarms that have roller wheel sensing, adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity settings, drop-back LED and tone indication and low battery detection alert. Plus there’s a receiver that also has volume, tone and sensitivity controls and low battery detection alert, plus a courtesy light and memory function that has three alarm mode options. This state-of-the-art set comes in a hard plastic presentation case and includes a free remote LED bivvy light that has six adjustable brightness levels, adjustable delay, and once paired with the receiver mimics the LED colour of the alarm that is sounding. Each alarm is powered by two AAA batteries, the receiver a PP3 9V battery and the bivvy light three AAs, none of which are supplied. All in all, this set offers excellent value for money and I’m fairly sure that even the tackle tarts out there will happily use them. 

LEE JACKSON’s VERDICT “Plenty of features with easy to buy batteries” 8/10




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