RidgeMonkey uni lead clip!

Designed to be the only lead clip you will ever need, the brand new addition to RidgeMonkey’s increasingly popular Connexion terminal tackle range, the Uni Lead Clip is a true innovative step in lead clip design. Aptly named the Uni Lead Clip because of the universal nature of the system, you can choose to retain or drop the lead on the take, ensuring you are fishing safely in every angling situation. When chosen to be retained, you will be happy to hear that the lead can still discharge when under enough pressure should the fish or rig become snagged, ensuring that fish safety is paramount. So how does it work?

The sleek rubber outer sleeve has various depressions that not only give it a unique and interesting appearance but they work with the internal wire seamlessly, resulting in various amounts of pressure determining whether the lead is dropped or retained on the take. By simply rotating the wire and pulling the swivel and majority of the wire system back into the rubber outer body you can select how the Uni Lead Clip will act. The stainless steel, matt black wire not only offers extreme strength and durability, but also without the need for a tail rubber there is no fear of pushing a rubber on too tight and means that in every situation the lead can be discharged safely.

Supplied with a QC Swivel, the system can also be used with any size 8 swivel, Flexi Ring Swivel or standard barrel to seamlessly integrate with your preferred setup.

Having been extensively tested for more than two years, the team at RidgeMonkey have fished it in many situations and numerous venues, from using small 1oz leads in weedy situations to leads in excess of 15oz when targeting demanding inland seas across Europe.

Supplied in a pack of five making it just £1.35 per lead clip, you can purchase them in Camo Brown, Camo Green and Silt black to suit whichever substrate you find yourself fishing in.