Next level zig fishing with the Zyggo!

One of the most annoying experiences in fishing has to be sitting in a peg full of carp with no bites forthcoming, only to reel in and find your rig is tangled. There are many solutions to this soul destroying problem when angling on the deck, but for many years, zig rig users have suffered the dreaded tangle for far too long. Thankfully, the new year brings with it new products with new solutions and RidgeMonkey’s latest contribution is found in the form of the all new Zyggo.

The release of this all-in-one adjustable zig is the result of eight years of development and research, enabling the angler to take their zig fishing to the next level. The precision engineered Zyggo system is the first of its kind, using a float-first solution to help eliminate tangles almost completely. With the float attached to the lead via a strong magnet, the streamlined setup will fly through the air like a missile until it hits the water. Upon impact the float will detach from the lead each and every time, allowing the user to set their rig to the desired depth and subsequently adjust when they wish.

The lead is fixed to a long stem, which will help keep the line free from any debris, weed or obstacles. In turn, the freely running line will be able to effortlessly glide through the swivel, enabling minor adjustments, which is particularly critical during the coldest months of the year when the carp are at their slowest. The float is also extremely buoyant and will aid your suspended hooklength and hook bait with ease, even when fishing venues that suffer from heavy undertow. The Zyggo will also be a great option when looking to deploy a fixed surface rig, but be sure to keep that one under your hat!

A small yet vital component that is essential for increased performance and reduction in tangles is the double barrelled ball bearing swivel. Although not new in the world of carp fishing, the properties of this swivel allow for free movement, and the reduction in line twist commonly associated with zig fishing.

The Zyggo is available in a 3oz and 4oz lead option, with each being finished in a khaki colour to help blend in with every environment it is submerged in.

RRP - £19.99 MEDIUM (3OZ)/£20.99 LARGE (4OZ)