The new armoury tackle box and rig box from Ridgemonkey

Armoury Rig Box
RRP - £32.99

Rig boxes are a vital piece of any angler’s armoury, keeping your rigs in perfect condition ready for when they need to be deployed. Suitable to house a huge selection of rigs, the Rig Box comes supplied with 40 pins, an integrated ruler and in testing the RM team managed to fit over 100 rigs tied and ready for use!

With no less than sux separate rig bars, you can easily organise your rig box into your preferred pop-up, wafter or bottom bait presentations, keeping you organised and ready for action. As well as storing your favourite rig presentations, there are four internal storage compartments allowing you to store swivels, hook beads, boilie stops or even imitation baits.

Constructed from a robust ABS plastic, the Rig Box is weather resistant, durable and near-on indestructible, so well suited for life on the bank and will withstand whatever you can throw at it. Perfect for use with the RidgeMonkey Ruggage range, the Rig Box weighs 585g and measures 330 x 180 x 35mm.

Armoury Lite Tackle Box
RRP - £34.99

A redefined and stripped back tackle box that is fully functional, and allows you to keep all of your vital terminal tackle in one place without taking up too much space in your luggage. Regardless of whether you fish long sessions or overnight trips, this tackle box is for you. With a staggering 57 storage compartments there is a dedicated space for everything you need to tie your favourite rigs, and use your preferred items of tackle regardless if your situation. With a handy integrated ruler feature you can measure and tie your rigs to your exact requirements time and time again!

Constructed from the ever durable and resilient ABS material used on the existing Armoury Tackle Box and the Rig Box, there is a strong magnetic close feature, keeping all of your tackle safe and in place. Each of the compartments are secure and ensure your tackle stays where it is supposed to keeping you organised and ready for action.

Measuring 330 x 190 x 50mm the Lite Tackle Box is perfect for use with the Ruggage Range and fits the Compact Accessory case 330 perfectly. Having seen Dave Levy use this on the bank in recent months, we can certainly say this is a smart and well thought out piece of kit, and we cannot wait to get our hands on one!