Esp Terry Hearn 44in Carbon Landing Net

A net is a net, surely? Well that was the premise I have always worked on; if it is big enough for the carp I am happy to use it. With that said, I took the accompanying net to my Terry Hearn Distance rods out for a play and it changed my attitude.

Firstly, the aesthetics are awesome and it sits beside my rod setup seamlessly. However, let’s get it right, it’s not all about looks and it’s a personal thing whether you like its understated minimal looks, so I will leave that up to you to decide.

Performance-wise, I was simply amazed at how light it was. With a long 6ft handle and large deep-fill mesh, at 1.22 metres I thought it would be fairly heavy and hard to use and hold at full extension but that simply wasn’t the case. The depth of the olive green carp-friendly mesh has also allowed me to retain carp in the margins for a short time while getting my bits together on the bank.  The spreader block has been meticulously crafted from a special glass-filled engineering polymer that keeps the weight down while retaining unrivalled strength. Complete with isotope slot, this is one item of kit I am going to try and keep my hands on for a long while to come.

Dan Murrell’s verdict... Light and a great looking net. A tad pricey though. 4 ( AND A HALF! ) /5