Daiwa's Crosscast Land and retain net!

With more fisheries opting to reduce or remove the need to use a retention sling and more anglers choosing not to carry one, the next best option is to momentarily retain your prize in the landing net. The beauty of doing this is that you don’t need to take the carp out of the water at all to put it in a retainer, meaning it can stay safely in place until you are ready to go! However, some landing nets are not designed to house fish in this manner whilst you prepare your weighing and camera equipment, but thankfully, Daiwa’s latest landing net certainly is! This can be found in the form of its Landing Net and Retain or ‘LR’ Net, which has been added to the extremely popular Crosscast range.

At first glance, the pointed metal ground spike found at the bottom of the landing net handle may appear to be the only noticeable difference compared to that of a traditional landing net. However, you would be mistaken, as there were a number of issues that needed addressing when designing this purpose-built fish retention item. The Crosscast LR Net actually features a far thinner handle to help aid insertion into different grounds, yet plenty of strength and backbone still remains.

There are times when you may wish to use this net in the traditional manner and this is where the EVA cap comes into play, which simply slides over and covers the ground spike. The depth of the super-soft fish-friendly mesh has also been increased, allowing landed carp to find a comfortable position and settle whilst composure is gained.

The 8mm olive green mesh with Daiwa logo also ensures there is sufficient water and oxygen exchange, which is particularly useful in the summer months. It is therefore super-reliable and pairs nicely with the machined aluminium spreader block, ensuring durability of the unit and allowing for easy break down of the 42in net. Daiwa has also been mindful to extend the EVA section of the handle further up the blank in order to prevent mud and silt covering the entirety when plugged into the ground.

Measuring 1.8 metres in length, the handle has adequate length and provides plenty of reach to land fish comfortably at any venue, no matter the approach you are using. This also means there is plenty of length for you to drive the net handle into any substrate securely!

Daiwa Crosscast LR Net
• Machined spreader block
• Metal ground spike
• EVA cap
• 1.8m handle
• Extended EVA handle
• 42in net

RRP £89.99