Copy Of Wildmoor Waters Latest News

Over the winter Wildmoor Waters has made some significant changes to the Main Lake. By separating the summer as Summer Bay, and the new heart-shaped lake now benefits from a reprofiled bottom. A number of submerged features were created as part of this exercise, as previously the bottom was quite flat, so there are now more areas to hold fish. Other advantages are that the fish density is now even higher than it was before, and the crafty carp can no longer nip over into Summer Bay, out of the reach of anglers in the lodges. Since re-opening, Wildmoor has seen massive fish captures, with 20 fish in a session not being uncommon and the record for this year standing at 44 fish. Last week, two old friends of Wildmoor, Stuart Rennie and Russell Grimes, came down for a week. It turns out that the lads have a Wildmoor Trophy, which is awarded for fish over 20lb. The cup was swapping hands all week, but eventually ended up with Stuart ahead. The boys had 36 fish between them, with the majority being over 15lb. Stuart says: “We come to Wildmoor a couple of times a year. It has always been great fishing but now it is unbelievable! Russell and I find Wildmoor hard to match for its stunning fish and the numbers of twenties and thirties that are in the lake… and they all fight like Mike Tyson!” Fishery owner Andy Stump says: “We are absolutely delighted! We knew the changes would improve the fishing, but the results are astonishing and the signs are that this is going to continue to be the case. Basically, with the changes, the carp can run, but they can’t hide! “We have shut the bank angling for this year, while we build new facilities, which has made a lot more water available for each of our lodge guests. Next year we are opening a brand-new lake that will cater exclusively for bank anglers and will offer outstanding surroundings and excellent fishing.” Wildmoor Waters luxury lodges can be booked from a Monday to Friday, a Friday to Monday or for a full week. Call 07711 826459 or visit the website for more details.