Advanta Discovery Cx4 Four Season And Cx5 Five Season Sleeping Bags

If you are in the market for a new sleeping bag then look no further. We have chosen two from the Advanta range that we feel will keep you warm and cosy through those cold hours of darkness that will soon be upon us.

Both benefit from a luxurious peach skin cotton outer and generous Holofil insulation filling. An attached fleece baffle and no less than seven draft excluder skirts also help to retain the warmth and keep out the dreaded cold breeze that can often keep you tossing and turning all night. A full elasticated anti-twist head and foot fixing with the double fixing bedchair straps helps to prevent bag twist, allowing you comfort and freedom of movement.

A fleece-lined top section makes for a comfortable finish while a nylon quilted body section means your clothes won’t get entangled when moving around.

Two of the extra little features I really like are the easy to clean nylon wellie section at the end, allowing the user to still wear his or her boots when just casually sitting on top, and the zipped mobile phone pocket. I am always losing my phone and in a frantic rush to find it once my alarm begins to sing.

The four-season is best suited for anglers who don’t plan to do much through the harshest of the winter but more for late autumn or coming into early spring or if the user has a higher tolerance to the cold. I am always running hot, so it’s rare I ever use a full five-season system.

However, the five-season bag is exactly that, offering the important next level of protection. So no matter what the weather throws at you, you can rest assured that you won’t be shivering all night.

Both bags come supplied in a nylon stash bag to help keep them in great condition when not in use and will fit both standard and the majority of wider beds on the market, measuring 200 centimetres long by 90 centimetres wide. The four-season weighs 3kg and the five 3.5kg; that is minimal for the protection they offer. (DM)




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