Venue files - Skylark Lakes

The largest of Skylark’s lakes, The Mere spans over seven acres and is regarded as the specimen carp water on site. With 15 swims set spaciously around the winding banks, each swim commands its own water and very much its own features. There’s a healthy stock of carp to over 30lb, with multiple fish well into the 20lb bracket. Among the extraordinary stock, there is a selection of both commons and mirrors, with some fine examples of old English scaly and heavily plated mirrors.

With lily pads and rushes, as well as two bays that are out of bounds, The Mere offers the carp plenty of safety whilst providing the angler many features and areas to set their traps. With an average depth of three to four feet a multitude of tactics work well, and often being quiet and taking care to introduce bait will generally bring the best results.

Also boasting gravel, silt and some patches of sand, the fish can regularly be found throughout the entirety of the venue, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to chop and change your tactics.

Top Tip: Ensure to walk the venue and keep quiet!

Ticket Prices: 24 hours for three rods £25


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