Towcester Lakes

With a maximum of just four anglers at any one time, this exclusive fishing venue offers the ultimate setting for a fishing social or a relaxing environment to unwind.

The open expanse of water is spring fed and boasts no less than an acre per angler at a total of four acres in size. The venue has been stocked with 110 carp including both sparsely scattered and jewel incrusted fully scaled mirrors as well as scale perfect, big framed commons. With an average size of 15lb with many now going over 20lb, this is a water where thick and fast action can be had, and the venue’s very first thirty could be your next bite!

Depths throughout the venue change dramatically, with a shallower end on the south-eastern bank between two and five feet to the deepest side of the lake being 14 to 17ft on the north-western side, fishable from swim number 2. The average depths throughout the middle of the irregular square lake ranges between four to eight feet from swims 1 and 3. Each of the three swims are doubles with ample space for anglers to set up; built for convenience anglers are allowed to set up anywhere along the bank in order to help them target showing fish, or space themselves out accordingly.

On arrival carp mats or cradles will be provided along with landing nets and weigh slings, so all you need to remember are your scales. A track runs down to the lake with a private concreted car park, so setting up for your session is as easy as it can be. For the anglers undertaking a longer session, both toilets and shower are situated a short walk from the lake.

A mixture of firm and soft substrates can be found, with gulleys, bars and shelves proving good features to locate. A wide array of tactics work well; some anglers prefer to find and bait areas and this generally sees a steady stream of action throughout the session, but do not be scared to pull off unproductive areas, as the fish will regular move throughout the entirety of the lake depending on weather conditions and angling pressure. Many first-time anglers will begin by casting to showing fish, and fishing single bite tactics can keep the alarms sounding. Baiting these areas with boilies once fish have been caught certainly gets them revisiting the areas.

Contact: 07984571361
Tickets: Lake Exclusive 23 hours, four anglers March to October £180
Satnav: NN12 6LB