The top secret range for Outlaw Pro!

Hook baits and enhancing sprays in four classic flavour profiles but re-imagined, giving a brand-new twist and modern take on some of the most successful flavours ever used! The new range of pop-ups and bait sprays from Outlaw Pro has been gaining a cult following since its release; bringing old-school flavours with a modern manufacturing process these products have been crowned the Top Secret Range for a reason!

We have been told the team are working with one of “the very best bait gurus in the industry” but as you would imagine his identity seems to be top secret too. What we can tell you however, is there are four extremely nostalgic flavours within the range – Pro-Nut, Pro-Spice, Pro-Fruit and Pro-Pineapple – and each of these are available in both 12mm and 15mm pop-ups and a matching boost spray too.


Meticulously crafted with an exclusive blend of high-quality fruit palatants, oils, creams, sweeteners and feed-inducing liquid additives, Pro-Fruit delivers fruity attraction that is on another level. Available in an eye-popping “hi-viz” pink coloration, they create an alluring combination of visual, aroma and taste cues that carp simply cannot resist.


Pro-Spice is an exclusive blend of four essential oils, spices and emulsifiers, that when combined results in an extraordinarily spicy and savoury fish attractant! With a “washed-out” pink coloration, this classic combination of flavour and colour is renowned for its fish-attracting properties.


Pro-Nut Pop-Ups are infused with a delightful and exclusive blend of nut oils and sweeteners, carefully formulated to emit an alluring smell and taste that carp simply cannot resist. Peanut oil produces the natural scent of peanuts, creating a powerful natural aroma that effectively triggers the feeding instincts of carp. With an off-white colour and a mouth-watering scent, this is one for all nut lovers!


Pro-Pineapple Pop-Ups are crafted with a very special blend of tantalising pineapple oil, sweeteners and feed-inducing liquid additives, offering a distinct alternative to the commonly used pineapple and N-Butyric flavours. Pro-Pineapple stands out from the crowd by utilising an oil-based formulation instead of the traditional mono-propylene glycol (MPG) based flavourings. This innovation creates a whole new dimension of flavour and attraction, breaking away from the monotony of standard pineapple based baits.

In testing, the new range has been instrumental for many an angler up and down the country as well as accounting for fish to 70lb in Europe. Designed as a fast-acting instant attraction hook bait, each of the pop-ups are ultra-buoyant and can be purchased alongside matching bait sprays utilising the same oils and ingredients as their hook bait counterparts. Not only are these great at applying directly to your matching pop-up but can also be used to add instant appeal to zig hook baits such as foam or even imitation plastic baits.

RRP £5.99 TO £6.99