Outlaw Pro TubeZ!

The recently released Tubez concept from Outlaw Pro was one of those light-bulb moments where you think : “Why haven’t we been doing this all along!” A full pot of pop-ups lasts a considerable length of time and many people carry way too many pots with them at any one time. The result is usually buckets of half-used tubs of pop-ups sat at home in the garage – don’t lie, we all have them!

With this new concept, it’s easy to actively try out the six flavours within the Outlaw Pro bait range, and once you have found one that works for you, you can top up your Tubez as you go! This not only saves on waste, but also saves on space in your bag too. Each tube is secured with a screw-tight lid and allows you to either add glugs and or powders helping to coat and boost your hook baits, should you feel the need.

There are six flavours within the range to try – Attract Natural, Raspberry Rush, Plum & Mulberry, Seafood Supreme, Banoffee and Krilla – all of which are now lovingly prepared in Outlaw Pro’s very own bait manufacturing facility. Each of the flavours is available in 12mm and 15mm pop-ups and you get approximately eight to 10 in a tube, perfect for a couple of sessions.

All you need to do is purchase a Tubez for £1.25 and when you have decided on your winning flavour and are running low, you can simply order online or pop into the shops and refill the Tube for just £1 – that works out pretty cheap per hook bait!