Sticky Baits liquid food range

Sticky Baits has a comprehensive range of liquid foods and as we leave summer behind and welcome the cool of the autumn, there will still be select warmer periods that will still allow us to fish as we did in the hottest months of the year.

This includes the use of liquids such as the tremendous Cap Oil, which is made up of a unique blend of premium fish oils, namely refined cod liver oil with the inclusion of a capsicum extract, which gives the liquid an almighty chilli kick that carp go crazy for. Cap Oil is a thin liquid so it serves as a brilliant bait soak and will deliver oil slicks wherever the bait that has been introduced, or when fish have entered the area!

Continuing with the fishy theme is the awesome Pure Tuna Liquid and as with the Cap Oil, best results can be seen when used in the spring, summer and autumn. However, being so low in fat it can actually be used all year round. The highly digestible liquid is readily consumed by the carp, which is testament to the high number of ultra-attractive amino acids and soluble proteins that are present. Sourcing the purest tuna is key to create to this outstanding raw product. Simply glug your baits or add into PVA or spod mixes for great results.

Liquid Liver has been around for a long time now, where anglers have used it to good effect yet it still appears to be underrated in the modern scene. Ignore it at your own peril though, as Sticky Baits produces a fine pre-digested liquid liver that has a proven track record of triggering feeding responses for a myriad of coarse fish species. This liquid food is also extremely soluble and thick, which makes for an awesome product to use when coating boilies and pellets. Meaty in scent and taste, it is a great additive that releases attractors extremely fast and its inclusion rate cannot be overdone.

Sticky’s classic Bloodworm range has accounted for an unthinkable number of monster carp over the years and the Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid is a natural product that has been created from fresh bloodworm, salts and sugars. As the name suggests, and once introduced into the water, a fantastically rich cloud is produced and will leak off soaked baits for prolonged periods. Add to various mixes, pellets or boilies and see for yourself why this is a top selling liquid.

There are two other liquid foods to be aware of, both of which complement active boilie ranges from Sticky, just like that of the Bloodworm. Both Manilla and Krill are both hugely popular too, which has seen supporting products being regularly added to further increase potency of attraction. The Manilla and Krill Cloudy Liquids are also natural liquids that create an irresistible cloud of attraction close to the lake bed. Anglers liken this cloud to that of feeding fish and feel this is why the Cloudy Liquids from Sticky are so effective. Their use is not restricted to any application, although the Krill Cloudy Liquid is best used in the warmer months of the year, whereas the Manilla can be comfortably introduced all year round. All of the aforementioned liquids are available in one-litre cans, with each being PVA friendly.

Sticky Baits Liquid Foods
• Cap Oil £11.99
• Pure Tuna Liquid £11.99
• Liquid Liver £10.99
• Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid £9.99
• Cloudy Krill Liquid £9.99
• Cloudy Manilla Liquid £9.99

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