The first issue of 2024 is here!

Here, Ian runs through the five big lessons learned over the last year or so. Always looking to take his fishing one step further, Ian is not one to rest on his laurels, proving that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!

Elsewhere, Luke Vallory ended 2023 on a high with a blinding session on Oxlease Lake. Although things started off patchily, a move for the second night produced the goods and come morning he was staring down at a whacking great lump of a carp. Could this be the end of Luke’s quest… you’ll have to read on and find out!

Despite being possibly the hardest time of year, this magazine has big carp galore, whether that’s Holmesy landing the lake’s largest, Myles Gibson with his day-session giant or Oz Holness reflecting on winter tales of old.

And if targeting big ’uns isn’t your bag and you just want to get a bend in the rod this winter, you’re in luck as we have loads of that too.

Whether it’s Linear regular Otto Reade revealing how to build a winter hit, James Armstrong with his supercharged singles or Lewis Read revealing his way with maggots, you can be sure that this issue will have you equipped with the knowledge to succeed in the cold.

Add to this a gear guide full of awesome new tackle and the FREE 32-page Winter Fishing supplement we’ve put together in association with Sticky Baits… it’s safe to say we have your reading material covered for the next month!



In a fleeting departure from his usual Troubleshooter duties, we caught up with Ian Russell to find out about the biggest tips, tricks and edges he’s picked up over the last year and introduced into his carp fishing… turns out even the best of us have room for improvement!


Session 70 and Luke Vallory is still hard at it, trying to catch a day-ticket forty live for the Total Carp cameras! It’s by no means an easy feat and this month sees Luke travel to Oxford’s Linear Fisheries. After a difficult start, he puts in the effort to change his fortunes, landing an Oxlease whacker in the process!


When Myles Gibson sets his sight on a target, it’s only ever a matter of time before he’s holding it up for the cameras! Fishing a days-only water at a Cotswold holiday park, his campaign came to an end in a session that culminated with the biggest in the lake at over 50lb!


Otto Reade may be young, but he’s already amassed an impressive portfolio of carp, whether that’s big carp in the Cotswolds or huge hits from the likes of Linear Fisheries. Being a big fan of winter carping, we wanted to find out more about how he tallies up huge hauls of carp in some of the coldest conditions!


We join Nash Tackle’s Henry Lennon on the banks of Moor Lakes to see how he approaches his winter sessions. Bushwhackers and Deepers play a vital role and in this feature Henry reveals how to get the very best from them, helping to find the perfect spot to present your hook bait!