CARP SPIRIT | Magnum Rod Range

The Carp Spirit brand grows from strength to strength as the company continues to rapidly expand into the UK market, where there a number of quality products we are now all able to benefit from.

Being an extremely popular tackle supplier in Europe, the majority of items in the range transmit flawlessly into our fishing within the British Isles. New for 2019 from Carp Spirit is the Magnum Rod Range, formulated to cater for a range of budgets with every single rod performing outstandingly in testing while also retaining the minimalist builds we all love.

There are four series of rods in the range, with the Magnum X1 being the cheapest while still boasting a number of properties that competitors would struggle to match for the price point. Starting from the tip there is an anti-frap tip guide helping to prevent an unwanted crack-offs and then following along the length of the rod are the SiC double leg guides. These may not be the lightest available but instead offer both durability and most importantly strength.

A matt finished DPS reel seat complements the matt of the dark grey blanks with a small portion of 3K carbon continuing on from the seat itself. The entire handle of the rod has been wrapped with Japanese shrink, providing an anti-slip surface against the arm when battling a specimen carp and also sits tightly when encased in a number of rod rest options. A stainless steel laser etched butt carp completes the rod beautifully.

There are five rods to choose from in the Magnum X1 range, with a popular 10ft rod in 3lb test curve, two 12ft rods in a 2.75lb as well as a 3lb test and two 13ft rods in 3lb and 3.5lb. All of which can be obtained for less than £100 per rod!

The Magnum X3 range of rods from Carp Spirit is a step up in terms of materials used, to produce the best rod possible for the cost and what fine tools they are too. The use of Nano Matrix Carbon creates a light, high performance and strong blank and a 3K weave is an added aesthetic that many seasoned carp anglers now look for.

As with the Magnum X1 range the X3’s all feature the essential anti-frap tip ring as well as SiC double leg guides, but instead these are titanium helping to reduce weight proving to be beneficial for long-range casting. Further enhancing the durability of the rod is the anti-scratch finish that is set to keep each blank in great condition years down the line.

Also helping to reduce weight is the Fuji carbon reel seat that will house reels of any size on the market with a firm grip. There are three different models of rod in the Magnum X3 range with one 13ft rod in a 3.5lb test curve and two 12ft options in 3lb and 3.5lb, with the 13ft being able to punch a lead to the middle of the pond with ease.

Small but significant improvements are found within the rods of the Magnum X5 range with increased enhancements to performance, as well as being a popular choice for the tackle tarts out there too. The X5s are thinner in diameter than the X3 range thanks to the strength of the 1k weave, which is a lot tighter than the chunky 3k and gives noticeable increased tip recovery when used with heavy leads for long range and PVA bags. Although proving to be an excellent casting tool it is when playing fish at short range when disaster can occur and the top section of the rods are able to absorb powerful lunges and surges of energy from an angry carp. Quality fittings give the blank the finish it deserves, and is available in a 13ft 3.5lb option as well as two 12ft rods in a respectable 3lb and 3.5lb test curve.

It can be incredibly frustrating sitting in a swim with fish sitting out of range of most, but Carp Spirit understands this and has designed its very own specific distance tool. While the previous models certainly can reach distances over 150 yards and beyond in the right hands, the new Magnum XLR can achieve plenty more. In fact casts of over 200 yards have been recorded on their first ever use.

While the previous three models have several choices of rod available the XLR comes in just the 13ft 3.75lb test curve. Combining the 1k blank with a heavy 6oz lead, and a rig is capable of flying out to distances anglers may have felt were unreachable previously. This is a specialist tool and with this in mind an Alps reel seal is implemented to cope with the demands of fishing at extreme range.