Dave Lane's new Cadence rods!

Dave Lane certainly needs no introduction in the world of carp fishing, as his bulging photo album of big carp is nothing short of impressive. Over the years Laney has chased some of the most sought after and largest fish in the country and has been very successful in his pursuit, so it was no surprise that the likes of Cadence approached the man himself to help design the ultimate carp rod.

With no limitations Dave took two and a half years to develop and thoroughly test his creation, with a number of improvements and refinements being implemented into the build along the way. Changes in various details and testing various rings and reel seats eventually saw the finished product being named in the form of the Cadence DL40 12ft Dave Lane Carp Rod. This range of rods will be available in three different test curves, in either 3lb, 3.25lb or 3.5lb. The lighter of the three is a brilliant all-rounder, offering excellent fish playing abilities as well as being an ideal choice for fishing at shorter range with fantastic precision. Should you decide to fish with any regularity at medium to long range, then the 3.25lb is the winner, whereas the heaviest of the three is the workhorse of the range, perfect for fishing at range or for deploying large solid bags. Armed with heavy leads and a solid technique, you will be able to deploy your rigs well over 140 yards, which for a 12ft rod is certainly impressive!

Whatever the test curve you choose, each rod is able to battle it out with big carp both at home and abroad as Dave has proven on more than one occasion in testing. Fishing large gravel pits with heavy weed, large leads and PVA bags, the DL40s have been put through their paces and now the creator is more than content with the finish. One of the most critical decisions to make when building the ultimate rod is the choice of carbon, and this range makes great use of a high modulus carbon in conjunction with a 1k wrap. A high quality blank makes for a more responsive action when casting, combined with improved accuracy. You are also able to create a far thinner blank with the same power as a thicker rod which utilises a lesser quality material.

As a regular user of braid for the majority of his fishing, it was important to source guides that would be of benefit when looking to avoid any unwanted frapping issues, as braid can be susceptible to wind knots. This is where the Fuji K Alconite guides come into play, as their unique leg positioning and forward facing design mean line frapping is a thing of the past. They are also extremely light and robust, allowing the angler to wind up for a really big cast with no fear of any unwanted occurrences. The combination of the lightweight blank and fittings also helps hugely with generating a fast tip speed to dispatch your leads to the horizon. On the 3.5lb test curve rods, 50mm butt rings have been installed to further aid distance, whereas the lighter two in the range use 40mm butt rings.

It was also important for Dave to choose the perfect reel seat, and he chose a fine addition to complete the build with an ALPS reel seat. Not only does this particular fitting look stylishly modern, it also uses a double lock screw feature, which ensures your reels will never slip under any circumstance. Of course, Cadence’s CS10 Long Cast Reels match perfectly to the DL40 rod range but many other big pit reels will also be held securely with the chosen reel seat. Needless to say, the Cadence DL40 12ft Dave Lane Carp Rods are a staggering piece of kit and it goes without saying that Dave may well have created the ultimate carp rod!


“Back in lockdown, my old mate James Robbins from Cadence came to me with a proposition that I could not ignore – can you design the very best carp rod you can imagine?

“That was the start of it all and now, years later, and after many tweaks and alterations and a load of fish on the bank I believe I have succeeded. Tested in all conditions and across a wide range of venues I have asked every question imaginable from them and they have passed all tests with flying colours. I have used them at extreme range, with huge leads whilst boat fishing, up against snags, with PVA bags, under the tips with light leads and even on the surface with light lines and controllers. The Fuji K guides prevent any line frap, even with braided main lines and the stylish double locking ALPS reel seats not only look fantastic but are solid and reliable and fit perfectly in your hand.

“There are three different test curves in the range, and I have used them all to great effect, landing my new personal best carp of 58lb 12oz amongst hundreds of other fish. If you are looking for a rod for life, I genuinely believe this is it.”

Cadence DL40 Rods
• ALPS reel seat
• High modulus carbon
• 1K carbon weave
• Three test curves
• Fuji K Alconite guides
• Designed by Dave Lane

RRP - £299.99