Venues: South West

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Total Carp Staff  |  Jan 29, 2021  |  0 comments
One of several fishing lakes on the mature 67-acre estate, surrounded by pine trees. Beatties is a real runs water ideal for a carping getaway
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Bob's Lake is the specimen lake at Hordle Lakes Coarse Fishery, situated in the New Forest countryside in beautiful, quiet surroundings. This picturesque 2-acre lake is a brilliant water for plenty of action all year round, known for some great multiple catches, and offers great sport in the winter. It has many features, from islands to gravel bars, and some exciting margin fishing. The stock averages mid doubles with plenty of twenties and a couple of chunky thirties to go at
Total Carp Staff  |  Jul 01, 2020  |  0 comments
This stretch of rural canal is 1½ miles long with great access and plenty of marginal vegetation to target. With a section running from the seaside lock it can be a lively venue with other watersport users. Great for wetting a line on a beach holiday
Total Carp Staff  |  Aug 14, 2020  |  0 comments
A well managed fishery located in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, consisting of seven well-stocked lakes catering for everyone from the pleasure angler to the week-long session carp angler wishing to pit his or her wits against the wariest of carp and even catfish.
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Check out the best open-to-fish carp waters in the UK. There’s something for everyone, wherever you live and whatever size of carp you’re after. Folly Foot FisheryNorth Petherton, SomersetA three-acre, well-established lake, set in the secluded backdrop of the Quantock Hills. It’s well stocked with all varieties of carp, the majority of which are doubles.
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A three-acre lake near the Quantock Hills. Purpose-built Carp Cabins are available for longer stays
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Top quality day-ticket carp fishing on three mature lakes in the heart of the scenic southwest.
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Set in the heart of the tranquil Devon Countryside, surrounded by woodlands and green fields, this mature lakes is home to a hand picked stock of some of England's finest strains of carp
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Established in 1988 the specimen lake is now a mature water of varying depths, with features including reeds, wildflowers, water lilies, a willow tree hanging in the water and two islands in the middle.
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One of three lakes on the complex, Heath is two acres with 23 swims. Night fishing is available on the far bank by appointment only. It has depths averaging around six feet but don't neglect the margins both near and far because these are very productive spots
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A 4½-acre lake with six islands and an abundance of fish and wildlife, designed and dug with privacy in mind. Twelve swims, each gives you your own water.
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Description: At five acres this is the flagship water of three specimen carp lakes on a picturesque complex set in the rolling Welsh countryside between Newport and Cardiff
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This lovely little three-acre lake has plenty of features to target, either in the main body of the lake or up the canal-like arm that runs along one side
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A 3½-acre water with 16 pegs and comfortable lodges available around the lake
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Check out the best open-to-fish carp waters in the UK. There’s something for everyone, wherever you live and whatever size of carp you’re after. Rookery Meadow Carp FisheryEvesham, Worcestershire This 3½-acre fishery boasts beautiful features such as lily pads, reed beds, overhanging snags and an island. Depths range from three to seven feet and there are many hard patches to find within the silty bottom.