Quick Questions With… Dave Levy

This time Total Carp regular and RidgeMonkey trickster Dave Levy takes the stand.

Three words to describe yourself?
Joker. Humble. Handsome… lol.

Who have been your biggest influences in carp fishing?
Gerry Chandler, Richie McDonald, Rob Maylin, Aaron Copp.

Scariest moment on the bank?
I once fished a very haunted lake. My bivvy door unzipped on its own! It’s a long story, but a very good one.

How long have you been carp fishing?
35 years. God I feel old!

How did you start carp fishing?
I’d been general fishing for a few years, then one day I saw this guy with three matching rods. I was instantly mesmerised, then one of the rods went and he caught a 14lb mirror. It looked huge – I was instantly hooked!

Other sporting interests?
I love using the gym but my second love in life is boxing.

One day left to go fishing, where would you go?
I most like Wraysbury – I love that lake. So much atmosphere on there.

Worst fishing-related injury?
Nothing too bad but did poo in my hood many years back! Still scarred! Lol.

Best three anglers you’ve ever worked with?
Aaron Copp, James Armstrong and Jim Shelley.

Your favourite moment in your carp angling career?
Seeing my book “Fallen Kings” go to print. Made me feel really proud.

Favourite capture?
Really hard one. Probably the big common from the Back Lake, so much effort went into it.

Three things you’d never go fishing without?
The kettle! My camera. And Netflix in the winter!

Any regrets?
No not one. Love everything I’ve done. It’s shaped me into the lunatic I am now!

Biggest character you have met through fishing?
Definitely Ali Hamidi. Massive ego but even bigger heart.

What are your favourite bits about carping?
The alarm screaming off, fish ripping line from the reel. Seeing your target fish sliding over your net. Watching the sun set and rise. Being at one with your surroundings and appreciating how blessed we are as anglers.

Your least favourite bits?
Jealousy. It has no place. Internet anglers who wait to see what’s come out and turn up.

Who do you most admire in carp fishing?
No one. I just respect anglers.

Tell us a secret?
I actually admire Matt the editor. He’s a handsome beast! Lol.

Tea or coffee?

Favourite biscuit?
Hobnobs! Whole pack at a time!

Favourite take-away?
Indian tikka masala extra hot!

Funniest moment on the bank?
So many it’s hard to say. Probably the first time I ever went away filming with RidgeMonkey. We spent two weeks making a film and there were some brilliant pranks.

One fish you would have loved to have caught – past or present?
Mary or Bazil.