OUTLAW PRO | Pro-Pac Power Bank

Bankside power is one of those additions to your tackle that now as anglers we simply can’t be without. Over the years we have seen a wide array of companies bring to the market different devices but this new and exciting addition to the ever-expanding Outlaw Pro range is one standout device we just know you are going to love, and we are pretty confident to say that it will stand the test of time.

The Pro-Pac Power Bank 72000mAh has been no less than 18 months in testing, and with testament to the Research and Development team involved, the technicians have worked alongside one of the largest outdoor power solution specialists in the world to craft and refine a power bank solution dedicated to carp anglers, that will ultimately stand up to the rigours of being used constantly in demanding external situations regardless of weather or season.

The Pro-Pac is not merely just another charging device, oh no! First up is the space age wireless charging function suitable for all compatible handsets, a fast and easy way to keep your phones juice topped up – no more cables, no more tangles, no more faulty cable attachments, just quick and easy charging. The supplied neoprene protective case also even benefits from an external pocket, which can house cables and other attachments as well as being large enough to take your phone, and still operate the wireless charging through it; this is particularly handy when charging devices on the move.

Also if like us, your phone is a little old now and doesn’t support wireless charging you will also find a USB port and USB-C charging port. Both of these charging methods are also incredibly important for keeping other essentials such as headtorches, bivvy lights, tablets, cameras and laptops fully charged. If this wasn’t enough, there is also the old faithful DC charger, which provides 12v, 16.5v, 20v and 24v outputs, which is perfect when charging larger items from battery inverters right the way through to large spotlight beams.

Another function we are happy to see on the Pro-Pac device is the LED beam function in both white and red, a fantastic addition that is perfect when you require a bit of light, whether you are just looking for your charging leads, doing bits in the bivvy or talking a stroll back to the car.

Ingeniously there is an in-built power safe management system that cuts out charging when your device is fully charged; not only does this safely prevent overheating, it also means that your device won’t be unnecessarily sending power out, keeping more power in the bank for when you need it most.

A handy battery level indicator is also situated on the external face of the device, keeping you in touch with how much power remains in the power bank. The device itself can also be fast charged via the mains supplied UK plug, which takes between thre to four hours, or via the USB charging, which will take slightly longer between five to six hours. The ever reliable and powerful lithium batteries are protected by a strong and durable ABS PC polycarbonate waterproof case, so you can rest assured the Pro-Pac will suit life on the bank, even if you are among the clumsiest of anglers like us.

As well as the protective neoprene case supplied there is also a wide array of adaptors that suit charging a multitude of electronic devices, which all in all makes this one of the better power banks we have seen in a while, feature and function packed, ready to keep you powered up for many a season to come.

RRP: £179.99
WEBSITE: www.outlawpro.co.uk