Avid EXO+ bivvy!

You know something very special is on the cards when a product has been in development for over five years. Avid has produced what it considers to be the ultimate shelter for those wishing to set up their shelter in super-fast time without compromising on comfort. And you know what, it may have done just that!

Avid’s Exo+ Bivvy is larger than your typical one-man bivvy, in fact it is more comparable to that of a system that is sized between a one and two-man. With plenty of space inside, the set-up really is pleasant, but most importantly, quick and easy. This is thanks to the ingenious design when it comes to clipping the legs together via the use of the self-locating elbow feature. Once this is complete, all that is required to do is to clip all legs into the patented block design and fan the system out.

We have seen systems utilise similar technology, and it’s become a firm favourite for many due to the speed and stability it affords. By pegging out the various points and installing the storm poles, your shelter will be taut and ready to use. Set-up of the main body only takes a few minutes and with a little practice you can easily shave many more seconds off!

There is no arguing that the quality of material used for construction is ultra-durable, as the 20,000mm hydrostatic head rated fabric will keep you warm and dry for many seasons to come. Needless to say this isn’t the lightest shelter you can buy, clocking in at 8kg for the bivvy itself. However, due to the fast set-up and pack-away times, and combined with the generous space found inside when erect, the Exo+ is well suited to overnighters and long sessions alike.

It is clear that space maximisation was high on the agenda when this bivvy was being designed and it shows with the high, flat back that increases available useable space. In this instance, bedchairs can be fully pushed to the back of the system, for plenty of storage options in front. Maximum coverage has also been achieved with the peak design that helps to further protect the angler from the elements.

The Exo+ Bivvy is perhaps one of the most feature packed for its respective price point and every single inclusion is worthy of use at any single point in time. The storm cap is most certainly top of the list, especially during the colder months of the year when condensation can be an issue. A heavy duty groundsheet also comes with the purchase of every bivvy. It is extremely hard wearing, fits like a dream and also comes with a really unique feature whereby the front section folds back, allowing the angler to place their feet on solid ground. This therefore removes unwanted sediment build-up on the groundsheet.

A full mozzie front is included to deter any and all winged critters during the months when they are prevalent, and two heavy-duty storm poles are also part of the package. All of the contents pack away nicely into the supplied heavy duty carry bag. The carry bag isn’t your bog standard creation however, as there are compartments located around it for the designation of each included item. This makes setting up and packing away that much easier due to ease of location.

An XL door configuration makes for a wonderful clear view when the double doors are rolled up, but what is great is that you can also use one door at a time should weather or various other scenarios dictate. Swapping the solid panels for the mozzi mesh doors is achieved by simply zipping on and off. Airflow isn’t neglected either due to the four vents featured around the bivvy, with two located on the side and two at the rear. As you would expect, a mozzi mesh is located underneath each revealed panel.

Anglers who like to get a good night’s sleep on the bank will be pleased to hear that the blackout fabric used for construction heavily reduces light from entering the system. This also helps to keep the bivvy cooler during extreme heat.

The vertically blessed will be pleased to hear that there is plenty of headroom found inside Avid’s Exo+ Bivvy. In fact the space found inside is truly impressive given the footprint of the system, which measures 270cm wide, 195cm deep and 140cm high. For the price point, this system really does represent incredible value for money, as not only is it highly practical, it is extremely rigid and will almost certainly be a strong contender for many an angler when looking to upgrade.

Avid Exo+ Bivvy
• 20,000 hydrostatic head material
• Blackout fabric
• Heavy-duty groundsheet
• Self-location elbows
• Patented block design
• Storm cap supplied
• XL door configuration
• Two internal mesh pockets
• Heavy-duty carry bag
• Heavy-duty storm poles
• Full mozzie front
• Four camo mozzie vents

RRP - £499.99