TRAKKER | Armolite Multi-Fuel Stove

We love it when a new product drops in from the team at Trakker; they are often well thought out, manufactured with precision and ooze sophistication to the nth degree. Well, we are pleased to say when the latest addition to its extensive stove range landed on our desks we were equally impressed and very much excited to get it bankside just as the cold weather was beginning to take hold. The seasoned campaigners among you will often know that when the frosts begin and the cold weather sets in, you are either an angler who spends their session shaking the gas bottle to get the most out of it, or equally priming the age-old Coleman because, let’s face it, liquid fuel is often considered king when the weather is at its harshest.

Well as the name suggests, the Multi-Fuel stove is exactly that. Run it on conventional gas canisters during the warmer months through the Gas Canister Regulator, then switch to liquid fuel as the temperatures drop. Simply detach the gas fitting, then attach the fuel pump and bottle. It can then be used with a wide array of liquid fuels, from high performance liquids to good ol’ petrol… this really is the ultimate stove for year-round consistent and effortless use!

The strong and sturdy base is exactly what you would expect if you have used Trakker stoves before, making it a stable surface be it large saucepans or compact kettles, while still measuring in at a modest 92mm x 92mm x 98mm. Not to mention with a powerful 3000W rating a quick and instant flame control is also able to keep you simmering or roaring in the blink of an eye, ensuring the power is very much in your hands when you need it most. Constructed from durable components and utilising corrosion resistant material the Multi-Fuel system is designed for working in the harshest of environments while also ensuring you are using your valuable chosen fuel efficiently.

Supplied with the stove comes a fuel pump, 500ml fuel bottle, gas canister regulator, gas valves, cleaning needle, spare O-rings, mesh gauze, tools and stuff sack. Easy to self-service and keep in tiptop condition this is a stove that if looked after will last you many years to come indeed.

RRP: £94.99