TF GEAR | FishSpy Echo Pro (Video)

In the last five years we as anglers have seen electrical devices and fishing tech flood on to the scene, claiming to give you an edge, keep you powered and provide unrivalled knowledge to put you ahead of the angler along the bank. Several seasons ago we saw the launch of the Fish Spy underwater camera, which incorporated a marker float design with live video streaming, among other features, and it was an instant success, backed by big-fish angler extraordinaire Dave Lane.

Well, the team behind FishSpy have not been resting on their laurels and have released a smaller, fine-tuned device that goes one step further than the fishfinders and sonar devices already available on the market. Imagine combining video capability with the latest cutting edge sonar in one small, hand-sized device… well, the ingenious team have done just that and it is an industry first to boot!

The FishSpy Echo Pro is a sonar enabled, fish and feature finder combined with an underwater camera – never have the secrets under the surface been so easy to access.

With a built-in Wi-Fi chip, the small, castable unit offers unrivalled range – we have witnessed work up to 100 metres, and reports from testing have surpassed that! Even at such ranges you can seamlessly pair the Echo Pro with any iOS or android device, regardless of mobile phone signal or third party data. This effortless and immediate connection allows the user to record and live stream video footage, read depths, look for features and/or fish, as well as building a bathymetric lake map – yes, that’s right, you can actually map your venue with staggering accuracy quicker and more effectively than using a traditional marker float setup.

If you’re a fan of bigger chucks and are fishing larger waters then don’t despair; as previously possible with the FishSpy Underwater Camera the angler can easily hit the record button before sending out the device and watch the content once the device has been retrieved. With a durable shockleader we are confident this will keep up with the distances achieved by modern carp anglers.

While the footage isn’t HD quality it is 620P that has been optimised to be the best for Wi-Fi transmission; we feel a more responsive live feed far outweighs a higher resolution, this is a device for fishing effectively and efficiently, not for making movies. The image will of course move as the chop on the water does, but we found the clarity and speed of replay to be the best we have seen bar none; the clearer the venue the clearer and further the video will of course work!

We love the fact that FishSpy has gone further than before, and by utilising the combination of the sonar and video capability once you have found an interesting depth, feature or even fish, you can seamlessly switch over to the video streaming from the surface in a matter of seconds from your chosen device. Simply put, this is as close to fishing from a boat with a glass bottom bucket you will ever experience without getting wet!

The battery life from full is a lengthy three hours continuous, allowing you to use the device over a longer session or even for an extensive day plotting and mapping your chosen venue.

RRP: £229.99


To find out more about the FishSpy, watch the video below.