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Total Carp Staff  |  Apr 15, 2021  |  0 comments
A choice of six lakes from four to 35 acres offering fantastic and varied fishing and great facilities for the fishing holiday of a lifetime.
Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 23, 2019  |  0 comments
With two waters, Spring Lake at 10 acres and Mill Lake at only four, Clearwater is a fantastic fishery for big-carp anglers and beginners alike. With 14 acres of carp fishing set in 28 acres of unspoilt scenic forest, it is a perfect location for a fishing getaway.
Total Carp Staff  |  Sep 16, 2019  |  0 comments
Five lakes set in 130 acres of beautiful French countryside, each featuring tree-lined banks and together holding a total of 60 swims.
Total Carp Staff  |  Jan 01, 2020  |  First Published: Jan 03, 2020  |  0 comments
At over 250 years old this intricate, private, 4½-acre pool is a carp angler's paradise, with carp to 50lb and a very good head of forties and thirties including three grass carp
Total Carp Staff  |  Jun 17, 2020  |  First Published: Jun 16, 2020  |  0 comments
A picturesque and secluded five-acre estate style carp lake with seven secluded swims, set in the heart of rural France
Total Carp Staff  |  Jul 01, 2021  |  First Published: Jul 27, 2021  |  0 comments
Quality fishing just a four and a half hour drive from the port of Caen. The lake has been around since the 15th century and has a very mature, authentic feel. At 19 acres it provides ample room for up to 10 anglers.
Total Carp Staff  |  Jul 11, 2020  |  0 comments
Situated in a listed area of beauty, this seven-acre lake is nestled in the Larraine region of France, only three hours' drive from Calais. With pristine carp and immaculate gravelled swims this is a stunning fishery, perfect for a fishing retreat. It is suitable for up to six/seven anglers and can be booked as a lake exclusive or individual swims. A full-time English bailiff is available on site

Total Carp Staff  |  Sep 04, 2020  |  0 comments
A popular and at times prolific specimen fishing complex comprising three lake, each very different to the next. Species across the complex include carp, sturgeon, koi and catfish. With its impressive stock of large fish, Iktus is fast becoming recognised as a serious big carp angler's dream venue, boasting no less than 30 different 60lb-plus fish and four different 70lb-plus specimens.
Total Carp Staff  |  Nov 29, 2019  |  0 comments
Set in six acres of woodland, this pretty tree-lined two-acre lake is stream fed with a depth of three feet down to seven feet at the dam end. There is only one triple swim for up to six rods next to a luxurious lakeside gite that fits four. A perfect venue for a small party that wants privacy
Total Carp Staff  |  May 26, 2021  |  0 comments
A secluded and stunning seven-acre lake in the Normandy countryside, created over 40 years ago to be a perfect fishing holiday destination.
Total Carp Staff  |  Apr 10, 2020  |  0 comments
A five-acre, willow-fringed lake. Eight swims with four doubles. Features brick-built lodge with shower and English-style toilet
Total Carp Staff  |  Aug 14, 2020  |  0 comments
A 33-acre old gravel pit 2½ hours south of Calais with two lakes on site, comfortable pegs and great fish and facilities
Total Carp Staff  |  Dec 13, 2019  |  0 comments
An attractive 6.5 acre lake tucked away in the beautiful countryside of the Champagne region just four-and-a-half hours from Calais
Total Carp Staff  |  Feb 02, 2020  |  0 comments
A picturesque, five-acre, spring-fed lake 20 minutes from Limoges, surrounded by woodland, stocked with some stunning, healthy carp that give a good battle. The river and spring fed lake is available on an exclusive basis for two to four anglers.
Total Carp Staff  |  Mar 05, 2020  |  0 comments
Set in a tranquil wooded valley, this intimate, four-acre water is reminiscent of Redmire Pool and home to a large stock of big carp. There are currently around 40 carp over 40lb, 18 over 50lb, one over 60lb and one at 71lb! The remaining stock are over 30lb with an average weight in the lake of over 35lb. For a water of its size it has to be one of the premier waters in France. Open from April to the end of October.