NEW product highlights from Nash tackle!


Should you be looking to invest a set of rods that will not degrade over time unlike a conventional rod would, then the new Airforce entrants may be right up your street! Both the F20 and F40 set of rods use a low resin construction to ensure blank softening is kept to an absolute minimum, which therefore means that performance of the rod is maintained indefinitely.

The Airforce F20 rods are a top end rod that utilise high modulus 30 tonne Japanese carbon blanks, whereas the Airforce F40 rods are a mid-range rod that excels in aesthetics and functionality. Both rods feature a 580mm handle to ensure that maximum leverage is achieved for greater tip speed, and American Tackle fittings such as guides and reel seat only help to further increase accuracy and distance.

Both versions of rod are available in 12ft and 13ft sizes, including a 3.5lb and 3.75lb test curve. Matching landing nets will also be on the market, featuring a rigid and buoyant 6ft handle. They both use a shrink wrap for enhanced grip and a pointed aluminium butt cap to be spiked into ground for the security of a retained carp.

Sleep Systems

The Indulgence line of products from Nash continue to age like a fine wine, especially when it comes to the sleep systems. The new HD40 sleep system makes use of a strengthened frame whilst combining the comfort of a high density mattress. Utmost comfort is achieved from the 40mm foam mattress in combination with a four-season zipped camo duvet. By using a hollow fibre material and body baffles, heat retention is greatly increased.

Steel reinforcement has also been placed at key stress points to maintain durability and longevity of each and every sleep system. There are several systems to choose from including a six-leg option and three eight-leg options. The smallest systems measure 83cm in width, whereas the Wide 8 leg sleep system measures 96cm and eight-leg Emperor measures 115cm. The use of heavy duty crash zips will no longer leave you suffering to exit the land of nod at the last second, whereas additional mattress depth placed over the hinge mechanisms simply adds to the luxury of this system.

Adjustment of the legs is quick and easy via the one-touch function and a detachable mesh pocket will comfortably house all of your valuables.

Main Lines

Nash has been extremely busy developing a selection of new lines for the coming year, which have all been created for varying circumstances. Armourline is an incredibly tough monofilament that sinks like a stone and boasts extremely high knot strength. Despite being highly abrasion resistant, it is also supple too and as a result casts extremely well. This is your go-to main line wherever you decide to fish around globe, ensuring every carp you hook can be landed. It is available in translucent green or hi-viz yellow, which is reflective under UV torch line so you can follow your line’s direction during the hours of darkness.

Also on the menu is the Baseline Sinking Braid that uses an eight plus one strand construction. A high density sinking core allows the line to sit low in the water and settle on the lake bed for improvement concealment. This is available in camo or UV yellow.

There are then the two dedicated casting main lines, including the Highline Extra Supple Braid and Skyline Mono. Both are extremely low in diameter for their breaking strain, and the braid is buoyant to sit over submerged obstacles. The Skyline is available in Clear and UV Yellow, whereas the Highline Braid is purchasable in green and UV Yellow.


Nash’s own Boat Life Inflatable Boats allow you to effectively navigate waters in challenging weather conditions on some of the largest venues. One of the most important features of the Inflatable 240 and Inflatable 280 is the newly added inflation chamber for increased stability, therefore achieving superior manoeuvrability. Oarlock sections are reinforced to prevent wear and each boat is supplied with an internal air deck, thus providing a solid base. A foot pump and puncture repair kit are included with the purchase of every boat, as is a high quality carry bag.

Both boats make use of heavy duty para cord grips, a black wooden seat, black aluminium oars and an improved drain plug design. Extra thick rubbing strips are also installed to help protect against damage on hard surfaces. The Inflatable 240 weighs 34kg, can carry up to three people, with a maximum load capacity of 350kg, whereas the larger 280 weighs over 45kg, can carry up to four people, with a maximum load capacity of 450kg.

Monster Shrimp Boilies

The Nash boilie range has had a revamp, so expect to see your favourite Scopex Squid boilies in some brand new packaging – thankfully though, these boilies are still the same quality balls of goodness! However, The Citruz boilie recipe has been remastered, delivering the same powerful attraction in a slightly more subtle looking, creamy coloured boilie.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement on the bait range is the addition of a whole new boilie range – Monster Shrimp! The Monster Shrimp Boilies have been a long time coming and, as the name suggests, and take advantage of some of the most attractive ingredients in carp fishing. With the awesome developments Nash Bait has made in the bait game, you can be sure that this new bait will be a winner for 2024!

These Monster Shrimp boilies are rolled in several popular sizes including 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and a large 24mm. They are also purchasable in 1kg and 5kg quantities. A wide selection of complementary products make up the Monster Shrimp Boilie range including a number of hook bait options. These include hard hook baits, pop-ups and wafters. Matching pellets and stick mixes make for great options when using PVA, with the pellets being a fantastic inclusion in spod and Method mixes or for marginal baiting. As is the Monster Shrimp Flake, which is ideal for creating almighty confusion on the baited area due to the irregular fragments of boilie.

Liquid variety is extremely plentiful as found with the Monster Shrimp bait soak, cloud liquid, extract, hook bait spray and syrup, which can all be used to devastating effect in the right circumstances. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this boilie as it has proved to be extremely effective in testing!