MR-HDR Sleep System from Trakker (Video)

The latest addition to the Levelite range from Trakker is the MF-HDR Sleep System, and what a corker it is! This release also marks the next generation of premium bed systems, but in return for your considerable investment, you will receive the best night’s sleep you have ever had whilst lakeside. This will continue throughout the years too, as significant technology advances and design improvements on previous releases see this specific sleep system become seriously durable, and is also able to support heavy weights with ease.

Whilst there are several new features to acknowledge, the MF-HDR Sleep System retains the oval shape, which fits into the back of shelters like the proverbial glove. It makes total sense for the head and toe to be compact at each end, as this not only reduces the total weight of the bed, but ensures that space is better utilised. The high density memory foam mattress contributes heavily to the comfort of the sleep system, as it will literally sculpt to your body. Anglers who have used this bed in testing have compared it to sleeping on a bed of clouds. It would certainly be a challenge to source a more comfortable bed for angling.

Whilst the memory foam mattress makes a huge difference in comfort, so does the railed mid-section. The genius engineering offers optimum lumbar support by helping to firm the mattress. This is also where the durability of the sleep system comes into play. The sag that is experienced in your traditional bedchair through extended use is now eliminated.

Other upgrades from previous models include a completely new frame and connections. A completely flat profile is aided with a spirit level for setup on the most uneven of banks. Further adjustment can be achieved for irregular ground through the activation of the spring loaded legs. Trakker’s unique and patented leg system sees each leg extend to the perfect required height through the simple push of a button. There are also eight legs found on the new Levelite, which offers far more stability and strength. Each leg is paired with a large swivelling mudfoot for grip, and to prevent unnecessary sinkage into soft earth.

The MF-HDR Sleep System can be completely folded away without needing to remove the sleeping bag and Trakker has also been conscious to address pack downs, where a thick mattress and 5-season sleeping bag can cause issues. Therefore two side securing straps have been installed to compress the entire system effectively when not in use, making the loading of a barrow far easier than it would have been previously. Upon setting up the system, simply unclip each of the straps and unfold. It really is that easy!

A dual layer sleeping bag will keep the user warm at any time of year, even through the most brutal of conditions. The camouflage peachskin finish is aesthetically pleasing and will turn the heads of many a visitor as you sit and lay in enviable comfort. A reversible inner, with polyester on one side and fleece on the other, turns the sleep system into a 3-season sleeping bag to help cope with the warmest months of the year. Hollow fibre filling helps to maximise heat retention inside the bag, whilst internally filled baffles will prevent warm air exiting through the zips.

The heavy duty crash zips, which have been installed on both sides of the sleeping bag, ensure you can exit the system in the event of your alarm sounding with minimal effort. There is even a pillow retainer to be found on the base layer, preventing unnecessary slippage outside of the bed. A handy storage pouch comes with the purchase of every sleep system, which allows for the safe keeping of items such as keys, wallet, phone or receiver. This can be placed around the perimeter of the bedchair, depending on your preference through the power of Velcro.

The MF-HDR Sleep System is available in two sizes, either the standard or wide variety. The standard measures 85cm in width, whereas the larger of the two measures 100cm. The extra width also adds another 2kg to the total weight, where the large version weighs 19.5kg as opposed to 17.5kg for the standard. Each bed is able to accept up to 130kg for the maximum load and can adjust up to a height of 48cm. You may not catch more carp, but you will most definitely catch more sleep!

Trakker MF-HDR Sleep System
• Available in two sizes
• Unique oval shape
• High density memory foam mattress
• Railed mid-section
• Eight adjustable spring loaded legs
• Side securing straps
• Hollow fibre filling
• Dual layer sleeping bag
• Pillow retainer
• Crash zips
• Storage pouch

£549.99 – STANDARD / £599.99 - WIDE