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After a development process of over five years, the dB7-R bite alarms and receiver from Trakker have been tested to the absolute limits. These are alarms for anglers who want the very best, as they perform reliably in all conditions, avoid the nuisance of false indication and ultimately help turn more bites into landed carp. There’s a whole host of features inside the dB7-R, with a roller that has been installed with eight precision magnets, providing the ultimate in indication in every weather condition and situation imaginable.

Trakker’s unique Intelli-Sense Mode eliminates indications from constant crashing waves, high winds and many other scenarios without compromising a true bite. This works by setting an initial level of movement before which the alarm triggers, causing the alarm to switch to full sensitivity mode. As such, regular repeating patterns of motion can be ignored, while still retaining high sensitivity when pushed outside of this range. The alarms also feature a dual-descent tone drop-back differential, giving the user more audible information about line movement at the alarm head.

There are eight volume settings, including the silent function, as well as eight sensitivity and tone settings, allowing for complete customisation. The colour of LEDs can be easily changed, with the choice of blue, green, purple, red, white and yellow. Their respective positioning on the alarms also helps aid visual indication, from wherever you are positioned in the swim. A one-touch night light function sees the brightness of the LEDs reduced to 25 per cent, helping to save battery and avoid lighting up your swim! Forward indications engage a solid latching LED, whereas a drop back indication prompts a flashing LED, a feature that is becoming standard on the latest bite alarms.

One of the most common causes of battery drainage in bite alarms is accidental power-ups, but Trakker’s PPS (Power-On Protection System), ensures that power is always available when needed, without the worry. Each alarm is powered by a 9V battery and the battery compartment and circuitry are fully protected in a tough ABS case, which is completely weatherproof. The alarms also feature a rubber inlay that prevents rods from scratching, and provides grip against a powerful take.

No alarm would be complete without a matching receiver and the dB7-R Receiver supplied with the alarms pairs flawlessly with each head – the dB7-R alarms have been built for long range and obstacle signal optimisation, meaning that the user will always receive a strong signal when in a fishing situation. You can easily connect up to 16 alarms to the receiver at any one time, without having to memorise or complete complex button sequences to pair the devices. The receiver automatically updates the colour of the alarm should a change be in order, and when you have programmed the alarms to your receiver once, there is no need to do so again. Changing the battery will not change things as the inbuilt memory takes care of any unwanted hassle. Just like the alarms, the receiver also accepts a 9V battery and is supplied with a lanyard but is also able to stand on its own because of the cleverly engineered self-standing case.

One lucky prize winner will win this Trakker dB7-R 3 Rod Bite Alarm Set, worth £349.99!

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