Win! A set of HD4 alarms from Carp Spirit!

This competition has now closed. The winner was Donna Large from Luton!

Here's what you could win!

A set of three HD4 alarms and receiver from carp spirit. A prize worth £159.99!

The HD4 has four varying volume settings and silent mode, four tone settings and four levels of sensitivity. What sets these alarms apart is the extra functions packed within the compact high impact ABS moulded construction. There is a very handy 30-second mute feature, which is fantastic for when you have cast out and need to set your bobbin without wanting to make unwanted noise and disturbance.

Each alarm head also boasts a set of detachable black snag ears that are imperative when fishing locked up to far banks, overgrown islands and in snaggy situations. As well as the varying tone and volume settings, there is a separate drop back differentiation so even when your eyes are not on your alarms you can identify what is happening in an instant, fantastic when fishing zigs, and that telltale drop back begins what can often be a finicky take.

The colour of the bright LED is changeable within the alarm, with four colours to choose from: red, yellow, green and blue. This means your setup can be personalised to you, whether that means all matching colours or varying colours for each rod. Each of the LEDs offers a 15-second latching time as well as a dedicated night light mode function.

The receiver itself also offers a handy vibration function, which we find is great when fishing stealthily, simply have the sleek device in your pocket and even when talking to fellow anglers you and you alone will be made aware of what I happening in your swim. Also tested up to 150m range the HD4 is a durable looking piece of kit that will serve you well on tiny intimate venues or when you are fishing more daunting inland seas.

When buying both the alarm and the receiver set, you will also walk away with a handy tabletop stand and lanyard for the receiver and a clip-on hardcase alarm cover, simply buy the appropriate batteries and you are ready to rock!

For your chance to win this awesome prize, simple answer the following question correctly (multiple entries will disqualify you).

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