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Pure by name and pure by nature, this new range from Sticky offers liquids in their simplest, raw forms, directly from the source. Using fresh and natural ingredients that are bursting with attraction, each variety of PVA-friendly liquid will add a unique dimension to your baiting approach.

RRP £8.99

Obtained from one of the best angling baits of all time and recognised as the principal attractor within hempseed itself, this premium-grade, cold-pressed Pure Hemp Oil has a wonderfully nutty taste and aroma and a nutritional profile that is up there with the very best food oils available, being rich in omega oils, vitamins, and minerals. Add to your spod mix, use it to dampen down sticks or glug hook baits or freebies with it –guaranteed to boost the natural attraction of any bait and get those carp feeding.

RRP £7.99

Sourced from Scottish salmon, the liquid is as fresh and pure as you can get, providing that distinctive salmon oil aroma. Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, this high-quality salmon oil provides not only awesome attraction but also essential nutrients. Ideal for use in the warmer months of the year to send streams of attraction through the water column.

RRP £12.99

A highly attractive liquid produced from a 100 per cent sustainable source – a tiny marine copepod that is present in huge quantities in the oceans. This protein-rich salty liquid hydrolysate is packed full of readily absorbed amino acids, which the carp find nutritious and simply irresistibility! Extremely soluble, it has a thin consistency, which means the likes of boilies and pellets will quickly draw it into their core.

RRP £8.99

Liquid liver has been around for a long time now and while some anglers have used it to good effect, it still appears to be largely underused in the modern scene. This high-grade pre-digested liver hydrolysate has a proven track record of triggering feeding responses in fish, and is also extremely soluble and thick – awesome for coating boilies and pellets. Meaty in scent and taste, it releases attractors extremely fast.

RRP £9.99

Few fish products have proved as popular as tuna over the years and Sticky’s new Pure Tuna Hydro utilises the very best and purest tuna hydrolysate available, sourced from the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean. With an incredible amino acid profile, extremely soluble and low in fat, this is one fishy liquid that works wonders year-round and is sure to get the carp on the feed!

RRP £9.99

A completely new one from the Sticky stable, but once again a proven carp attractor with years of pedigree! Produced from whole, fresh squid, this liquid is particularly thick and therefore lends itself to being added into spod mixes. This PVA friendly liquid can also be used neat in solid bags, has a natural saltiness and is extremely high in soluble proteins, making it extremely attractive to the carp!

RRP £9.99

Known for being one of the oiliest and most nutrient dense fish in our seas, the resulting liquid hydrolysate is packed full of attraction and is particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. With a super-thick consistency, the liquid is full of soluble attraction and can be used all year round although it really shines in the warmer months when the higher water temperatures really get that high oil content working through the water column.

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