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Catch Report Manor Farm August 20th

There were some excellent catches at Manor Farm this weekend on all of the lakes with a good number PB's being smashed. Most fish have got their heads down and are feeding off the bottom.

On Damsel Ashley caught an 18-06 and 3 bream, James Smith an 18-08 and 3 bream and Graham 3 to 23-09 a new PB. Ian caught 3 to 19-01, Kieran a 17lb and Chris a 15lb. Andrew Slingsby Bagged up with 19 to 21-04, mostly at night, and a 2-04 that took his boilie on the retrieve. Sean Barker was another with a PB at 25lb. Joe aged 7 was float fishing and caught a good haul of perch, silvers and baby carp, his dad Jeff Poole caught 12 to 19-08. Ian Last netted 8 to 19lb, Neil 8 to 22-12 and Daniel 4 to 20lb. 

On Carp Lake William Gallagher caught 3 to 22-04 a PB and 2 tench. Ian Welton over 4 nights bagged 20 to 27lb including another 4 twenties. Shane also bagged up with 20 to 20-15 Gerry Allbury caught a 24-05 PB. Martin Harrisbagged two mirrors at 20lb and 21lb and Lee Spence on a day ticket caught 3 to 23-08 after 1 1/2 hours. Richard caught 5 to 17lb.

On Becks Lewis Baker aged 5 netted his PB at16lb. Nathan caught a 19lb and Dan Tyler 7 to 20lb. Ross Savill bagged 16 carp including four twenties to 25-06. Alan Cross caught 3 to 24lb  and Fiona Chandler caught an 18-05 PB and went on to break her PB again with a 23lb. Harry Langford caught a 23-06  and Tim and Martin 3 20's between them.

On Booneys Stuart Minney caught a 21lb linear a  26-05 common and a 25-04 Scaly. Harry had 2 to 17lb, Luke 3 18lb and Lee Morgan 4 tench to 7-02  and 3 carp to a 2llb mirror. Jon Hammond caught 3 to 18-04 on CC Morre Live System Acid Pear pop ups.

On Winters Chris Wayne took 2 to 20lb, Scott a 21-01 mirror and a 27-08 common. Earlier in the week  Ethan Dunmore aged 14 on first visit to Manor Farm caught a 21lb mirror and a 27-08 common. Skip netted 4 to 26lb, Chris 4 to 26-09, a new PB, Matt 7 to 19-08 and Tim Saunders 3 to 27-02 

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