Tuesday, 10 July 2018 06:51


Fishing has picked up this weekend with a good number of 20's from Carp Lake. Notable catches are as follows.

Damsel: Jay caught 4 to 16-08, Will 4 to a 20lb mirror and Andy a 16lb and a 22lb. Plenty of Bream were coming out too.

On Carp Lake Neil French  caught 4 to 23lb. Stan bagged his PB at 22-12 and 2 others on bottom baits. Jack Davis had a 17lb and a 22lb. Steven Freear using plastic baits in a solid bag bagged 6 to 20lb and a tench at 6-08. Piotr in the disabled swim caught 5; 2 at 14lb and 18lb, a 21lb and a 23lb. Another 20 fell to Kamil. Luke Reedman and James Mercer fished together, James caught a couple of 16 pointers and a tench at 5-12. Luke bagged 8 including two twenties at 22lb and 24lb and a tench. 

Becks produced a 16-08 for Dave and a 17-12 for Peter using Essential Cell. Brian Flint caught a 17lb a 20lb to Dominic Bowler off the top to a Sticky Baits Krill floating pellet. A 20-12lb fell to Jonny. 

James caught a 22lb on Winters and Robbie Holmes an 18lb and a 26lb. James Coles banked a 22lb, Daryl  a 17-08 a 20-10 and a 23-13. James Beech an 18lb and Moonscale which usually tops 30lb, he didn't weigh it as he was anxious to get the fish back in the water.

Over on Blunham our own Dick Vale and his wife bagged up with 36 fish between them fishing off the top.

For more information head over to: http://manorfarmfishing.com


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