Sunday, 04 February 2018 10:35

First Look: Ridgemonkey Square Kettle




£22.99 - £27.99


We take a first look at Ridgemonkey’s latest addition to there bank life armoury.

The beloved kettle is something we all hold dear in the carp angling fraternity; fishing without a brew or two is pretty much a criminal offence in our world. Ridgemonkey know that a carp angler’s brew has to be ‘just right’ and that our particular ways require a particular tool to transform a good brew into a great one. A kettle is just a kettle I hear you say? Well, yes they all do the same thing to an extent, but the all-new Square Kettles from Ridgemonkey do offer some practical and logical advantages over the traditionally round devices we’re used to. The first key thing to mention is that most luggage nowadays is cubed or rectangular, most of the products we use that goes inside said luggage have a similar rectangular profile too. We tend to load bags like a game of real-life tetris, so from that perspective alone, ensuring it fits within a carryall in a neater fashion makes total sense. Secondly, the compatibility with the Ridgemonkey stove is also a bonus in our eyes, look at Apple, they create products that work seamlessly with one another and they do it to great effect, Ridgemonkey have simply applied the same principle here. Using the Kettle alongside their stoves makes for a stable platform to brew until your hearts content without having to balance the kettle due the stoves clever design that reduces the chances of the kettle sliding off in use. Ridgmonkey claims that using the two items together ensures a quicker boiling time and will use less fuel thanks to the square base that provides a larger surface area to heat, as opposed to the historically round kettle. However, the shape is not the only thing that’s unique here, there’s also a fast cooling double handle that makes for a better grip. Don’t you just hate using kettles with a flimsy handle? We think the double handle is a great shout and will certainly improve our user experience on the bank. The kettles are finished in a hardwearing anodised coating and are available in two sizes 500ml and 1.1L.

Ben Francis’ verdict “A very robust bit of kit and I like the logic behind the cubed design”



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